a look inside the fit mom guide
  • Sample Workout
  • Tracking Progress
  • Nutrition Plan
– 12 Week Workout Program
– 2 Extra Weeks of Inner Core Workouts
– 200+ Exercises Over 80+ Workouts
– Nutrition Plan (+ Nursing Adjustments)
– Nutrition Tracker
– Workout Tracker
– Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Variations
– Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor Assessment
– Self Confidence / Body Goals Worksheet
– Strength Test
– 6 Warm-Ups
– 5 Cool Downs
results from the fit mom guide

Nutrition Plan Included

Nutrition and Exercise go hand-in-hand if you want to live a true healthy life! It is uniquely designed to teach you BALANCE and to be REALISTIC for YOUR life so you will never yo yo! (Nursing Adjustments)

Burn Calories Even At Rest

These are HIIT workouts! Short bouts of intense exercise with multiple rest periods. This method will not only burn calories while you exercise but will continue to burn calories throughout the day!

Beg, Int, Adv Variations

Many Workout Programs only have 1 option for each exercise causing you to adapt your fitness level to their “1 size fits all” program. However, The FIT Mom Guide was specifically designed to adapt to YOU!

200+ Exercises Over 80+ Workouts

The days of buying a workout program with only a handful of workouts are OVER!

Perfect for ALL Ages

Grab your daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, best friend, neighbor or whoever to do this program together! The 3 difficulties allows all fitness levels to be performing the same workout together!

Never Repeat A Workout!

The FIT Mom Guide has a DIFFERENT workout for every day during the 14 Weeks. This allows your body to never plateau so you can continually see the changes you are working hard to achieve!

3 Programs In 1

You will have an entirely different experience every time you go through this program ! As you increase your strength and endurance, the program will increase in difficulty along with you.

Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor Training

This program has 2 extra weeks of workouts that will help heal a Diastasis Recti (Ab separation) and strengthen a weak Pelvic Floor. That’s right Ladies… no more peeing your pants when you sneeze, laugh or jump!


The FIT Mom Guide (Ebook Download)

  • Ebook Download

The FIT Mom Guide (Hard Copy)

  • Hard Copy

The FIT Mom Guide (Ebook Download & Hard Copy)

$80($40 SAVINGS!)
  • Hard Copy
  • Ebook Download
the ultimate fit mom package

The fit mom guide & the fit pregnancy guide

$120($110 SAVINGS!)
  • Hard Copy (both programs)
  • Ebook Download (both programs)
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