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I am sending you FREE GIFTS for sharing your love of McCall Williams Fitness!

Get rewarded for SHARING YOUR LOVE OF mccall williams fitness

You will receive FREE GIFTS when 3, 6, and 10 people (Referrals) use YOUR 15% Off Discount Code!

3 Referrals = FREE Hard Copy of The Fit MOM Guide & Drawstring Bag …OR… $20 Amazon Gift Card

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10 Referrals = FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card

How The Referral Program Works


Purchase your copy of  The FIT Mom Guide


The FIT Pregnancy Guide


Email mccallwilliamsfitness@gmail.com. In the email include the First Name, Last Name & Email you used at checkout as well as a sentence explaining your interest in the referral program.


After I confirm your customer information, I will then create and email you your custom DISCOUNT CODE! This code will give your friends and family 15% OFF their order of  The FIT Mom Guide and/or The FIT Pregnancy Guide!


You will be shipped your FREE GIFTS at 3, 6, and 10 Referrals!!

why the referral program?

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff for sharing the products they love?! Plus, they make the perfect GIFT and are fabulous for GIVEAWAYS on your Social Networks!

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

*You must purchase The FIT Mom Guide and/or The FIT Pregnancy Guide (ebook download or hard copy) to be eligible for the Referral Program. Your Referral Code does not expire.  You can only receive each free gift once! You will receive an email to notify you if someone used your discount code and will also be notified when you will be receiving your free gifts. In that email I will be asking you for your shipping details. For respecting personal information, I will NOT tell you exactly who used your code.

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